Saturday, September 8, 2007

Upside Down Drawing

Our subject was the Mona Lisa...

La Gioconda

Our Process: Students accessed their "right brain" to help them draw better. The right side of the brain is the spatial side: it helps us see shapes, lines and the spaces between. Students were instructed not to talk during the drawing. Speaking uses the left side (more dominant) of the brain. This side wants to dominate and try to do everything, even draw. However, this would be a mistake. If you think/talk about drawing your hand, you try to draw the way you think it should look, not the actual hand. So, that is why we "flipped" our image upside-down. We also drew from a grid. Students drew one square at a time, so that they would only focus on the lines, not on recognizable parts. If a student recognized any part, they were instructed to ignore it and refocus on lines, shapes and spaces.

Here are the results:

Below is a masterpiece from a different kind of media--Cake Frosting!! That's right, it's an actual cake!

This wonderful creation was made by the very talented Kohar Aprahamian (an ELD aide at LCHS)!

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