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sketches 2013-14

  Sketch #21: Self-Portrait...due on Wednesday, May 15

Choose between:

  • realistic

  • caricature

Sketch #20:  Draw Your Shoe!!

Due on block day--Wednesday, May 1st!


Sketch #19: FREE SKETCH in Color!

due--Wednesay block, April 24th

Draw whatever you want as long as it is drawn well--I want to see you very best effort, the best you have ever turned in this. 


Sketch #18: Draw A Gargoyle

  Here's the sketch assignment...draw a gargoyle from this link. There are 112 to choose from (from the Washington National Cathedral--please stay with these and don't go to another website for this assignment).

  • incorporate shading and value (lights and darks)
  • use only a pencil (graphite)
  • draw big--fill up the space
  • show me you put work into this
This will be due on block--April 17. 





Sketch #16: Draw your feet...BARE FEET
a. Find a comfortable place to sit AND TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES...ideally, find a sofa or bed that will allow you to extend your legs.
b. Cross your ankles...that way your feet are overlapping each other.
c. Place your sketchbook on your lap and draw for at least 40 minutes.
d. You can decide how you want to compose your drawing...however, you should also draw up to mid-calf. Anymore than that would make this a "Leg" drawing. That's not what this is.
e. Take the necessary time to produce a developed drawing that has shading. Remember, you have several days to do this.

Due date: Friday, March 8th, 2013


Sketch #15: Tutorial Sketch

Choose one from the provided link.

(Don't forget to print out your reference picture from the above link...)

Due: Friday, 3-1-13


Sketch #14: A Colorful Drawing...

Get Creative...use crayons, colored pencils, watercolor...

Make an abstract design, or draw anything you want. 

Show me an example of a creative use of color in your drawing.

Due: Thursday, February 7

Sketch #13: Draw An Eye...

Due: Thursday, January 17

Watch the video...PLEASE! I promise it will help you if you spend time watching it and following the's up to you.

Remember: You need to draw your own eye by looking at it (one of them) in the mirror. The video below is just a guide, but don't draw the same one from the video.


Sketch #12: Holiday Sketch (SEE DETAILS)

Due: Thursday, December 20


Sketch #11: 3-in-1 Animal (Click here for details)

Due: Thursday, December 13


Sketch #10: FREE SKETCH

DUE: Friday, November 30th


Draw anything from observation--can't be from imagination.

So, find an object around the house, or a picture from a magazine, or from the internet, or from personal photos, maybe a landscape, a still-life, etc...or anything you want.

Evaluation is based on the following criteria:
  • craftsmanship--drawing accuracy
  • effort is obvious based on the above should be obvious that you spent at least 45 minutes.
  • use either graphite or color--your option.


Sketch #9: Draw A Cartoon Character-- CLICK HERE for details (Due: November 14th)


Sketch #8: Draw Your Hand Holding An Object... (Due: November 7th)

  1. Choose an object that isn't too big or too small.  
  2. An object too big means that it hides your hand.  
  3. An object too small means your hand covers most of the object.  


 Sketch #7: Draw A Pumpkin... (Due: OCTOBER 31st)

  •  Find a real one to draw.
  • Put it in front of you and draw what you see.
  • Observe the lights and darks, including the cast shadow.
  • Include shading in your drawing.

You can copy a picture from an image off of the internet. Please provide a printout if you choose this option. If not, you will get a 2-pt. deduction.


Sketch #6: LOGO due Wednesday, October 24. Click here for details.

Sketch #5: Van Gogh Copy

Choose one of Van Gogh's Drawings to copy: 
Due Date: Block, Wednesday, October 10

Go here: Van Gogh's Drawings
  • the emphasis here is Mark Making...
  • Look at his marks and try to duplicate them...
  • Use your pencil two ways: use the side for thick marks and the tip for thin marks...
  •  Print out the copy and provide with your sketch...

Sketch #4--Due on Wednesday Block, September 26th, 2012

First, watch the video. Then, draw your own face...You may use a photo or even better, look at yourself in a mirror. Spend a minimum of 5 minutes. You may need to do this a couple times, before you feel comfortable about your results. Use either a pen or pencil (but don't erase or fix). And remember, DO NOT LIFT!


Draw a counter-top kitchen appliance like a toaster, blender, coffee maker, bread maker, pasta maker, etc...

Do not draw the numbers, letters, etc... 

  • Cannot be box-shaped 
  • Has to be electric...
  • Cannot be a refrigerator, built-in ovens, dishwasher, trash compactor...

Sketch #2--(Due: Wednesday, Sept. 12--First Block Period) 


Complete A Face:

Find a picture of a person's face. It can be from the internet, a newspaper, or a magazine.
Make sure to find a large, front view pose. (Also, a black and white picture is better than one in color since you will be using a graphite pencil for this assignment.)
Cut the face in half, either down the middle of the nose to divide the left and right sides or in some other way.
Remove one side and glue down the other onto your drawing page.
Do not throw away the removed piece since this will be what you will have to copy!
Draw the rest of the face to connect with the glued/taped down section. In other words, "complete the face."
Keep the removed section and tape it to the left side of your book.


Sketch #1--(Due: Sept. 5)

Free Drawing--(Requirements below)

  • Draw Large
  • Draw for at least 30 minutes
  • Draw anything you want.
  • Show good use of space, effort and craftsmanship.

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