Friday, September 10, 2010

8th Grade Sketchbook

Grades are based on the following criteria for all sketch assignments:
Follows directions:
Drawing should fill the page or run off the edges of the paper (no” bulls-eye” drawings).  Draw from life &/or original ideas ….challenging subject matter
Controlled shading with a range of value &/or a variety of interesting  lines
Appears to have put forth much time and effort (at least 45 minutes per drawing)
Final Presentation:
Finished drawing looks accurate (scale, proportion, etc.), neat and complete 
Total points possible (10)

Sketch #1: As your first assignment this should be done on the right side of your sketchbook.

Free Sketch: Draw anything (on one page only) that shows evidence of effort that is demonstrated by the following: creativity, use of space (draw large), craftsmanship (neatness and quality), and accuracy... (Due on block: Sept. 15)

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